oh man. i made some pretty awesome soup today.
celery, cauliflower, red and green peppers, potatos, zucchini, red onion, garlic, some parsley and spices. it was so fucking cold out i had to make some homemade soup. mmmm....i think it turned out pretty awesome.

- work today was busy. at least i felt like i was super busy. im super excited about our christmas staff party on sunday. we even close stellas the next day because the party always runs so late. talked to tomas today about what kind of things will be happening at the party since we will be playing FEAR FACTOR. man, i heard there will be diving for animal parts in lard! and a "special" stellas shake to drink. sick. but, who else would do this stuff at their xmas party? NO ONE. we rule. (i rule)

- i went to superstore to buy fresh veggies and some grapes and fresh orange juice. made soup. watched tv with my dad. and then headed over to dales to take him some soup and to hang out. poor loser has some bad sickness going on. little does he know i put poisoness chemicals in the soup. he should be dead now. (i shouldnt joke about that).....we watched RE-ANIMATOR . great movie. i liked it a lot.

- anyways....i guess its time for bed. goodnight xo.
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fast update: its -26 out, and theres been NO HEAT in my apartment for hours. i nearly froze to death last night. soooo cold in here. fuck that noise.
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how come theres only two female smurfs? and like 2345 males? hmm....



i read on a somewhere that..."Sassette was created by the Smurflings to keep Smurfette company.....Sassette and Smurfette are like chalk and cheese." hahahaha...

chalk and cheese? um.. O K.


The Superheroes of rap show TONIGHT:

Dj Brace with Gruf the Druid
Hunnicut with Yy
John Smith

the royal albert arms
doors @ 9
show @ 10

this is where ill be tonight. its going to be fucking awesome.
im looking forward to it and seeing garth do his thing.
sound barriers.
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this is just one of the awesome things in my life right now...
aww, what a hottie daft is.
im trying so hard not to get super fucking depressed and to not cry.
time to get out.
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