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well ive been up since 6am. had to drive my mum to work so i could have the CRV to get some of my shit done today. ive been listening to bikini kill all morning. i wonder if my neighbours can hear it? time for some thursday. i think i'll go back to bed for an hour, since nothings open till like 9am. then i'll go to the bank and start my crazy day. at some point i'll need a nap so that im energized for tonights party.

i love my cat. as if no ones noticed already...heres some gay pictures of us this morning. im SO not a morning picture person. gross. but daphne looks damn cute.


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    not only is this journal RIP. but so is loveintheory. i have now moved on to using andrea_munster. just a heads up incase anyone comes across this.

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    wow. i havent been back to this livejournal in awhile. but i notice a lot of you still have it added. hahaha. whats wrong with you? i dont use this…

  • xxx

    RIP xsneakerx. new journal: add loveintheory <3

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