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.cherry valance.

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things to do list:

  • finish making cards

  • finish christmas shopping (fuck i hate malls!)

  • check out the flea market

  • get cat food for daphne

  • finish steves package (perverts)

  • get another fish for Finn to play with

  • buy hair dye

  • dittle my clittle

  • laundry

  • clean apartment

  • re-cover pillows

  • tell my friends i love them

um..i love you.

  • (no subject)

    not only is this journal RIP. but so is loveintheory. i have now moved on to using andrea_munster. just a heads up incase anyone comes across this.

  • xxx

    wow. i havent been back to this livejournal in awhile. but i notice a lot of you still have it added. hahaha. whats wrong with you? i dont use this…

  • xxx

    RIP xsneakerx. new journal: add loveintheory <3

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