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not only is this journal RIP. but so is loveintheory. i have now moved on to using andrea_munster.
just a heads up incase anyone comes across this.


wow. i havent been back to this livejournal in awhile. but i notice a lot of you still have it added. hahaha. whats wrong with you? i dont use this one anymore. maybe secretly one day. but right now....

add loveintheory (if you want).

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i know its almost 5am and this is a really cheesy post im about to make...but i just have to say it.
after reading my lj friends list.....i seriously think i got the best people on it. i really do love reading your journals.
i especially love when you post pictures since im a picture nut. im not just saying this to kiss anyones ass. i just find livejournal very entertaining and fun. fuck what people say about it being stupid and a waste of time. its great.
so thanks guys and gals for all your great posts and shit. seriously.

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i did this for my mum in grade 8. she still speaks highly of it. why i dont know.
but van is the man.
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well ive been up since 6am. had to drive my mum to work so i could have the CRV to get some of my shit done today. ive been listening to bikini kill all morning. i wonder if my neighbours can hear it? time for some thursday. i think i'll go back to bed for an hour, since nothings open till like 9am. then i'll go to the bank and start my crazy day. at some point i'll need a nap so that im energized for tonights party.

i love my cat. as if no ones noticed already...heres some gay pictures of us this morning. im SO not a morning picture person. gross. but daphne looks damn cute.

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things to do list:

  • finish making cards

  • finish christmas shopping (fuck i hate malls!)

  • check out the flea market

  • get cat food for daphne

  • finish steves package (perverts)

  • get another fish for Finn to play with

  • buy hair dye

  • dittle my clittle

  • laundry

  • clean apartment

  • re-cover pillows

  • tell my friends i love them

um..i love you.
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- finally. my fucking weekend is here! lots of things going on, karyns birthday, "the andreas" housewarming party, and the stellas xmas party.

- last night i was at my parents and we decorated our christmas tree. people often comment on how i hang out with my parents alot. and i do. im an only child, so im really close to my parents. not in the way that i tell them everything thats going on in my life, but that i love their company and have a good time being with them. i love them. they ARE my parents afterall. i feel sorry for people that dont get along with their parents. it makes me sad.

the tree.

- i went for more blood tests yesturday. im really not looking forward to this being a regular thing...having to go to the doctors lots and all. it makes me really upset and stressed too. fuck that shit. like seriously.

- i have a list of people that want me to do their hair. i must find time for this. just right now with lots of plans made already and christmas things happening, there hasnt been time. perhaps once thats all over? i dunno.

- my parents say they want to get me a camera for christmas, but that i have to tell them what i want. they dont want to get me something i wont like. any suggestions?
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